Richard Lilja
Richard Lilja

I am one of the few professional football (soccer) coaches in Denmark. 

During my long carrier (more than 25 years) of coaching football, I have coached both adult
and youth teams. Today I`m both a scout and a coach.


I have more than 25 years of experience, and have been a professional since 2008. 

Head coach (and assistant coach) of Mens teams. (2. Division)

Head coach (and assistant coach) of Women's teams. (3F-liga)

Head coach of Youth teams. (Divisionen)


UEFA Elite Youth licence (2016)

UK - The FA Licensed Coaches`Club, Level 4 (2014)

UEFA A-licence (2008)


I have a strong understanding of the game, with specific focus on the organizational aspects of play on the field - ways to attack, defend and not in the least, ways to dominate and stress the opponent while maintaining a positive team spirit. 


This, combined with my long-term experience coaching talented young players, gives me the ability to create a positive football environment where players can develop and gain confidence, both in themselves and in their team.
This is not only reflected in the number of players who, under my coaching, have advanced to the 1st teams in their respective clubs, but also in the short-term achievements of the various youth teams with which I have been affiliated with.  


I enjoy improving and developing my own coaching skills.  Therefore, I have had several long-term stays, both domestic and in foreign clubs (AGF, Silkeborg IF, Sunderland and Brentford). 

I also love to acquiring new inspiration from different regions of the world. I continuously assess my own performance and use other cultures as a professional and philosophical benchmark, and thus I have been visiting a number of academies, mostly in the UK (Liverpool, Everton, Aston Villa and Burnley) - but also in Germany, France and Holland.

Brentford FC 2015