Scouting - Join a Value Chain
Scouting Network

Scouting Network
I create and work in Scouting Network, which is a "Value Chain" created to develop players - so they can become the best version of themselves, and not least, create value for everyone in the chain.

Come, join a "Value Chain", it`s easy and straigthforward.

Scouting is "hard work", when you have to create value.
Scouting cannot be done by watching videos, looking at stats and attending two matches - that`s the basis of the Scouting Network.

Finding the right talent

Emil Berggreen - Greuther Fürth
The Value Chain typically consists of the following Stakeholders
Danish Club - RANK - Local Club - Player - Investor (Agent)
We are creating Scouting Network, just like we know from

Right to Dream (UK) : FC Nordsjælland (Denmark) – Right to Dream (Ghana)

Capelli Sport (USA) : MSV Duisburg (Deutschland) – AEK Athens FC ( Greece ) – HB Køge (Denmark) – Inter Allies FC (Ghana)

CSC (Switzerland)  : SC Austria Lustenau (Austria) - Vendsyssel FF (Denmark) - Clermont Foot 63 (France)

and the value chain

Brentford FC (UK) – FC Midtjylland (Denmark) – FC Ebedei (Nigeria)

But we are doing it, without the big investment - we utilizes the existing facilities, hiring ect., and put it together in a new way that creates value.

R2Dream in Ghana



Acknowledging that the scouting system works – we know, that the best players are already taken.

We are searching for the raw potential, witch for different reasons, are not yet fulfilled.

We need to see the player live (at practice and match) over a period and get to know the player.


That means – an investment in the player is still necessary.

This should be done both locally and in Denmark or Scandinavia.

Return of Investment

Getting the player to Denmark  or Scandinavia  (and getting a contract) is not the end goal – and is typically not where the investment pay off.

This is a step.

The real payback, for the investment, comes when the player (has ended the last development, and shines on the field) is getting sold from the Danish Club – or his contract are getting renewed.

Speedwell Ngoka, Michael Ngoka, Richard Lilja - Copenhagen 2020